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SAOR: Screening & Brief Intervention for Problem Alcohol and Substance Use 

A brief intervention for alcohol use is a short, helpful conversation that focuses on assessing, and if necessary, assists a person to consider and alter their alcohol consumption. Brief interventions have shown to be effective in initiating change in alcohol consumption for people with mild to moderate alcohol-related problems and in helping people with more significant difficulties to access specialised alcohol treatment services. The SAOR Model has been adopted by the HSE as the model-of-choice for delivering brief interventions for alcohol use.

In 2019 SAOR II was launched and is now the course that is being delivered nationwide.

A new element of the SAOR II training is the requirement to complete an eLearning module prior to the skills practice day for all the people coming along to SAOR training. The eLearning will introduce the SAOR framework and begin to encourage the learner to situate SAOR in their own work before they come to the one-day training. The one-day training is then an opportunity to practice the SAOR core skills. The eLearning can be found on www.hseland.ie and search for ‘SAOR’. It is mandatory that all those signing up to the traiing day complete the e-learning in advance of attaendace on February 4th. Please bring a copy of your certificate along on the day of the training or e-mail it to training@wrdatf.ie in advance. 

Note: Unfortunately this training event is now full, you can still click here and fill out the booking form to be put on a waiting list for this course