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Policy Development

The WRDATF, through the training calendar and its Community Liaison Workers, offers extensive policy development services and support within the region.  This can be in the form of simple seminars on how to develop effective policies, tailored individual support in creating a policy for your organisation or in reviewing a current policy.  The latter could take place in the wake of an incident for example or in response to changes in legislation or organisational goals.

There is an action identified in the National Drugs Strategy for the promotion and development of substance misuse policies in the education sector, in workplaces; and in youth, sport and community organisations.

So why is this important?

It is important because if there are no formal documented policies, then people in the organisation, at any level, have no guidance on how to make decisions.  A written policy provides the framework for an organisation's operation. It provides clear direction for people as well as insights into ethos, values and goals.  Just some of the benefits of having a formal drug and alcohol policy include:

·       Helping staff to make decisions more efficiently
·       Reducing the risk of accidents caused by impaired judgement
·       Enhancing the public perception of your organisation
·       Reducing the cost of absenteeism
·       Creating a better environment by offering support to those who declare a drug-related problem
·       Improving morale
·       Making your organisation a safer healthier place to be
The creation of policies is good evidence of proactive and forward-thinking management.

If you would like some help in developing drug and alcohol policy for your group or organisation then please contact one of the WRDATF Community Liaison Workers.