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Community Engagement

The WRDATF has always recognised that community engagement and community involvement is essential if its work is to truly reflect local needs.  Its approach and strategy has always been reflective of this the structure of the Task Force allows the concerns of local communities, groups and individuals to be heard. The WRDATF also funds the employment of Community Liaison Workers in the region who respond directly to local substance use concerns and issues.  If you would like more information on how your community can be supported please contact the WRDATF staff.

Some examples of community-based projects are listed below: 

​Community Harm Reduction Initiative

The Community Harm Reduction Initiative (CHRI) is a simple toolkit that enables communities to start addressing local concerns about drug and alcohol misuse.

It is a structured response that communites can employ to bring together local agencies, community organisations and also individual people in order to tackle an issue that is too big for one sector to take on alone.

The CHRI toolkit requires input from a broad cross section of people in the local community and a commitment to the community development principals of partnership, participation, inclusion, empowerment and self-determination. Steps taken in the CHRI process are; expression of interest, start-up phase, community needs assessment, committee development, implementation stage and review.

NASA Bus Safety Initiative

​The NASA (No Alcoholic Substances Allowed) Bus Safety Initiative is a cooperative inter-agency programme that has been developed in order to respond to concerns about high levels of underage drinking before and also on the way to discos, socials and events.

Its purpose is to help reduce the amount of underage drinking taking place and make travelling to and from events a safer and more enjoyable experience for young people and for transport operators.  

NASA is a community initiative that involves the RSA, the HSE Drugs Service, the WRDATF An Garda Síochána, Selected Bus Operators, Venues, Parents and youth and sports organisations.

For any further information contact Garda Ciara Moran on 086 8282621 or ciara.m.moran@garda.ie

Expect To Be Asked

The Expect To Be Asked campaign is an excellent example of agencies and the community working together to target an area of concern; the steering committee for the project was made up of representatives from the Roscommon Active Diversion, Youth Work Ireland, the HSE, Roscommon County Council, An Garda Síochána, and the WRDATF.  

The purpose of the campaign was to have a significant impact on underage and binge drinking in the county and it was targetted at all of the secondary school children in Roscommon and their parents.  Expect To Be Asked has also been run in the Tuam and Ballinasloe districts.