Rehab Bursaries 2022

The Western Region Drug & The Western Region Drug & Alcohol Task Force invites applications for 2022 Rehab Bursary funding under the following strands:

  • Strand 1: Rehabilitation Bursary
  • Strand 2: Education Bursary
  • Strand 3: Rehabilitation Innovation Fund

All strands are aimed at supporting people in recovery from drugs & alcohol who reside in the Western Region (Galway, Mayo & Roscommon).

Strand 1 & 2 are specifically for those in recovery from drugs & alcohol and Strand 3 is open to groups and organisations who wish to develop initiatives aimed at supporting individuals in recovery.

To apply for funding under any of the strands above please complete the relevant application form and submit the completed form along with any associated information to:

Orla Walshe: email

Closing dates for 2022: March 11th, June 17th, Sept 12th and October 17th.

Click on each link below to download our documents:

  WRDATF HSE Rehabilitation Bursary 2022
  WRDATF HSE Education Bursary 2022
  WRDATF HSE Rehab Innovation Initiative Fund 2022